Our AI becomes your key differentiator.
Do in fractions of the time what used to take multiple people many months.

Breadth & Depth

Evid Science’s AI, which can read up to 25 million articles in an hour, has already processed the publicly available medical literature across all endpoints, interventions and therapy areas, and updates nightly. There is no other resource that is as timely or robust to answer your literature related questions.

Domain expertise

Our AI scientists, engineers and scientific client liaisons bring decades of experience in their relevant fields. Beyond our AI, we bring our expertise into any relationship, elevating our partnership to unlock even more value by improving our AI, platform, services, features and custom projects. Dedicated support means that no questions are too big or too small and your feedback has an immediate impact on our tools and technology.

Science Driven

We’ve put years of R&D into our AI, yielding state-of-the-art abilities in turning medical text into structured tables, all automatically. Read our blog or research papers to find out more.


Trusted by the largest institutions in the world, the Evid Science Platform puts 70M+ evidence-based data points at your fingertips, all backed by the literature. Think of it as the world’s largest evidence table.


Quality of life, social aspects, and patient centered symptoms must be weighed against the traditional values of safety and efficacy. EvidPRO puts the power of AI into uncovering all of the Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) for a given area, optionally including symptoms that affect patients’ lives.

Custom Visualization

When our out-of-the-box solutions aren’t enough, we are here to build custom visualizations and actionable data science. Need to understand how outcomes trend over time? What about visualizing gap analyses? Let us know.